Das easierLife System


The easierLife system consists of:

  • motion and contact sensor
  • base station
  • app for smartphone and tablet

The easierLife sensors are nonintrusive and easily placed on the walls inside the apartment.

The easierLife base station communicates wirelessly with the sensors and connects automatically to the easierLife app on your smartphone or tablet. No hardware configurations are necessary.

Intelligent analysis methods help to process the information of activities inside the apartment.

Only authorized persons can access the information. This is guaranteed through encrypted data transmission (SSL) which makes the information as safe as your online banking details.

The easierLife app lets you know if your loved ones are doing fine at any time.

Emergency button vs. easierLife



The base station is the central communication unit of the easierLife system inside the home of your loved ones.

It communicates wirelessly with the easierLife sensors and connects them automatically to the easierLife app.

In-home internet is not required in the home of the older adult.



The contact sensor detects the opening and closing of doors. It is attached to the frontdoor of the elderly person’s apartment.

The sensor is battery-driven and communicates wirelessly with the easierLife base station.
Due to latest energy-harvesting technologies, battery life is at least 2 years.



The motion sensor detects activity in a room or an apartment. It is attached to the wall without drilling in a central area of the apartment, e.g. the hall way.

The sensor is battery-driven and transfers data wirelessly to the easierLife base station.

Thanks to the smart easierLife analysis method only one motion sensor is required to monitor apartments with up to three rooms. For bigger apartments, additional sensors can easily be integrated.


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The easierLife app provides you with all important information at a glance.

The easierLife emoticon shows immediately if your loved ones are alright. You can also see the last events in a list.

easierLife adapts to the personal living conditions of you and your loved one.

Inside the app the easierLife system can be adjusted to the individual daily routines. Moreover, it is used to set the level of information which is sent to relatives or caregivers.

easierLife notifies you automatically in critical situations.

If something happens, easierLife notifies you automatically via push notification, text message, e-mail or via phone. You decide which way suits you best.

Optionally, a professional emergency call center can support you at any time.